Dongfeng and premium brand Voyah deliver NEV innovation to Chinese market

Chinese State-owned carmaker Dongfeng Motor’s premium brand Voyah made the global premiere of its first sedan last week, as part of its efforts to explore the burgeoning new energy vehicle market.

The sedan, called Zhuiguang, which means “chasing the light”, is the first model based on Voyah’s latest ESSA and SOA platforms, which helps the model to reach a class-leading level in a number of aspects, including performance and safety.

The global premiere of the Zhuiguang has delivered on Voyah’s promise to offer three models in three different segments of sedans, SUVs and MPVs. It has launched the Free SUV and the Dream MPV.

Voyah is the only NEV startup in China to offer models in three segments.

The carmaker said the Zhuiguang marks a new milestone of Voyah’s efforts to increase its brand reputation, showcase technological prowess and improve its product recognition.

In terms of its design language, the model adopts Voyah’s design philosophy of the mythical and magical kunpeng bird roaming among the heavens and Earth.

The elements have made the model a pleasingly exclusive choice for Chinese car buyers who are becoming increasingly fond of local culture.

The model also offers global customers a refreshing taste of traditional Chinese culture and oriental aesthetics.

The Zhuiguang features organic curved styling and flowing lines. The combination of lines gives the model an elegant yet passionate look.

The model’s slender silhouette, featuring sharp and smooth lines, accentuates its sense of speed and air of elegance, presenting its oriental charm.

Inside the car, the cabin has features including a rotary crystal gear selector, Dynaudio speakers and the elaborate seat stitching, which make it different among the models available in the market.

Yet beneath the charming looks is a wild beast made possible by Voyah’s technological prowess.

The Zhuiguang can generate a maximum output of 375 kilowatts and a top torque of 730 Newton meters. It accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.8 seconds, rivaling an eight-cylinder supercar.

Its top speed, which is class-leading, can reach 210 km/h thanks to the output of its batteries, which can reach 500 kW.

It not only excels on straight roads. Its lateral acceleration can reach 1.0, giving the driver confidence as the vehicle goes through bends as well. In the evasive Moose test, its speed can reach 83 km/h.

The elaborately designed body has an air drag coefficient of 0.22, which is also in the same league as supercars. Its segment-only electric tail, which produces 40 kilograms of downward force, enables the model to go fast yet remain stable.

Voyah’s SOA platform has made the Zhuiguang the world’s first model to move itself for up to 30 meters and park autonomously. This can be achieved by a click on a mobile phone, meaning the owner can be at home, in the office or in another country, as long as the internet is accessible.

The sedan can also learn to park itself. With the mode activated, after the driver parks it one time in a specific parking lot, the Zhuiguang can remember the route up to 1 km, along which it can park itself and drive itself out.

Zhu Yanfeng, chairman of Dongfeng, said the exciting performance is the result of the carmaker’s combination of heritage and innovation.

“We inherit what we have done good in gasoline cars, including the chassis, the man-machine interaction, the noise, vibration and harshness,” Zhu said.

“On this basis, we fully embrace electrification and all the smart features. We also innovate our mechanism. We take new, innovative endeavors based on our traditional technological foundation.”

Dongfeng is one of the first Chinese carmakers to master core NEV technologies.

It started research and development on batteries, electric motors and electric control systems in 2016. It has also stepped up efforts in other cutting-edge technologies, including smart driving.

Statistics show that Dongfeng has won 1,892 NEV-related invention patents, ranking No 1 in the automotive industry.

Looking forward, Dongfeng will offer Voyah more support from the industrial chain and R&D, to human resources and finance.

“We have shown three Voyah models in three years. In terms of products, we have plans for five years. In China’s high-end NEV segment, we Dongfeng would like to be the leader,” Zhu said.

From left: Lu Fang, CEO of Dongfeng Motor’s premium brand Voyah, introduces the Zhuiguang sedan on Dec 15. The Zhuiguang features organic styling and flowing lines, this combination gives the model an elegant yet passionate look. Inside the car, the rotary crystal gear selector, Dynaudio speakers and the elaborate seat stitching make it different among the models available in the market. CHINA DAILY

Voyah makes the global premiere of its first sedan on Dec 15, delivering Voyah’s promise of offering three models in three different segments of sedans, SUVs and MPVs in three years. CHINA DAILY

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